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Destroyed School in Ghat, Nepal by WildsideSky
Destroyed School in Ghat, Nepal
On our way back from Namche to Ghat, we took a side trail to visit the school of our guide. The school, like many of the structures around Khumbu, wasn't built with much structural integrity and had mostly collapsed during the first earthquake. Behind the building pictured there is also a cliff, making the structure even more unsafe. This was the school we had brought school supplies for, but school wont be in session anytime soon because of the earthquakes.

Facebook: Skyler's Photography
Read more about the trip to Nepal: blog
Monks at the Boudhanath During Saka Dawa by WildsideSky
Monks at the Boudhanath During Saka Dawa
Saka Dawa, a holiday we were around for towards the end of our time in Nepal, is a very special occasion for the Buddhist people. People will stay up all night during the full moon and worship, and at the Boudhanath, circle the stupa in a special way, involving getting on their stomach every couple of steps.

The added difficulty to this is from earthquake debris and kicked up dust around the stupa. Though the inner part of the Boudhanath stayed relatively alright, some of the outer sections were destroyed, seen here on the left.

Facebook: Skyler's Photography
Read more about the trip to Nepal: blog
Nepal Earthquake Refugee Camp by WildsideSky
Nepal Earthquake Refugee Camp
In affected areas where people's homes have been destroyed, people have grouped together and made makeshift houses out of tarps and tents. We visited this one in Kathmandu on our first day there, and we interacted with several of the locals and children now living there. A handful of the people living in places like this were people who still had homes, but were too afraid to sleep in them. PTSD is a big issue with many of the Nepali people right now.

Facebook: Skyler's Photography

Read more about the trip here: blog


Artist | Student | Photography
United States
Liking my Facebook Page helps me very much.…
So apart from this being the first time I've logged on since like January, I somehow managed to go from 252 deviations to 102. How? Oh probably because I deleted them. "How was that for you?" you ask. "Painful," I reply, not because I don't enjoy erasing my work from the un-watchful eyes of the internet, but because my old photography REALLY sucked and it hurt my eyeballs and brain to have to look at it as I was deleting it. You know what also hurt? Reading old comments both to and from me. If I could just go back in time, say four years, and kick myself in the balls really hard I totally would. Then I'd gently set myself on fire. 
I did keep a handful of bullshit still in my "gallery;" a daily deviation I managed to score a while back, and a few brief shots to remind me that I have indeed somehow improved over the last five years. "Wait a second," you say, "dA says you've only been here for four years." Well this was actually my second account. Thank God I actually deleted my first one so I don't have to see my old "work" on it, I might have cried.

However, it was interesting to sort of watch the evolution of my old photography. I watched the cycle of going from "snapshits" (no real composition or story), to taking an art class and still knowing practically nothing, to photoshoping the fuck out of pictures, to HDR'b bullshit (these really depressed me), to upper highschool art classes, to the 365 challenge I failed, stopping the HDR bullshit, to when I started to actually care about composition and storytelling (which was like a year and a half ago or something.) Even then lots of the pictures are pretty terrible. Even now, I still have a lot of ground to cover before I actually shoot well.

Anyways, HOW ARE YOU? I have 114 watchers, and I have a feeling that the vast majority of those people are either fake, aliens, dead, the NSA, old friends who now hate me, or people like me who only use deviant art once every other year. AND TO THINK I ACTUALLY USE TO CARE ABOUT WATCHERS.

I just got back from trekking, doing earthquake relief, and a bunch of photojournalism in Nepal. I already have people who have ordered prints of a handful of pictures from the trip (appearing on facebook), so some of that work will end up on here for dA's legendary print service, but for the people out there who are real and still follow me, and God forbid, want to see some real work of mine (forgive me), check it out on this disgustingly long blog entry I made:


Anyways, I also have 10,000 watch notifications so I should probably go look at every single one of those. Hope your summer is swell, and hell, maybe I'll even make another entry at some point (though if you were to ask if I would to a magic 8 ball, it'd say "outlook not good.")
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